Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Am Not the Messiah: A Mantra for Challenging Times

Perhaps you're like me, and you're feeling a bit of despair. The holidays are now solidly behind us. The headlines are horrible. It's the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. All around we are reminded of that while the Kingdom of God might be breaking through to our everyday lives, it seems very far away at times.

At times like these, it's good to remind ourselves of the words of John the Baptist: "I am not the Messiah." So many of us forget, and then we get depressed and distressed when we can't work superhuman feats.

But we are not the Messiah. God is far more powerful than we are. God calls us to participate, not to orchestrate.

The life of Jesus also reminds us that we need to withdraw periodically. It's good to pray. It's good to turn off the news. It's good to turn to the practices which nourish and renew us: spiritual reading, listening to music, sharing a meal, making a donation.

I am not the Messiah. Luckily, I know the Messiah, and I know that we can count on Him.

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