Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Collage Experiment: Soul Cards, Inspiration Cards

My spouse and I spent the week-end playing with collage. He's working on a large piece with lots of under-the-sea images from his SCUBA magazines. I wanted to play on a smaller canvas with the glitter cards that we picked up at an after-Christmas sale. I also have several old Lutheran green hymnbooks (the LBW), which I retrieved from the garbage and held onto for just this very purpose. You may have to expand the photo to see the parts of the hymnbook that I use.

When I found this image of Archbishop Oscar Romero, a hero of mine, I knew I wanted to do an updated Saint card.

I've always loved Compline, and so I wanted to create a Compline card, something soothing to stare at before sleep.

"Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel" is my favorite Advent hymn, my favorite Christmas season song. I liked mixing in some female images of God with the Advent theme.

I created additional cards, posted here at my creativity blog. I had great fun creating these, and I'll probably do more. What will I do with them? I like the idea of using them for inspiration, both in how I live my life, and in my writing process. Stay tuned!

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