Monday, January 17, 2011

Come and See

Our pastor yesterday focused his sermon around the words of Jesus: "Come and see." He gave us a bit of interpretation of the word "see," and how the writer of the Gospel of John uses that word--in this context (and most others) the meaning of the word "see" is more akin to "believe" than the seeing that we do with our eyes. Our pastor reminded us that the disciples weren't really interested in where Jesus was physically staying when they asked, "Where are you staying?"; they wanted to know where he would be so that they could be there.

Our pastor pointed out that people are still on a quest--and then the heartsearching question: will they find what they're looking for at church?

Churches should want to be places where people can find Jesus dwelling in us deeply and richly. Are they? Is yours?

The sermon finished by asking us to think about these two essential questions:

What do we need to stop so that people will come and see?

What do we need to start so that people will come and see?

Important questions for the Church as institution and as individual group. Important question for us as Christians, both as a group and as individuals.

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