Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lenten Art Project--a photo shoot!

Last year, my husband and I added an element to the cross for each week in Lent: the first week it was a swag of burlap, the second we tied the burlap with rope, the third we added huge nails, and finally, we added a crown of thorns.

Yesterday, I was taking pictures for my videopoetry project (go here and here for more information on that project), and I decided to also take some pictures for this Lenten art project. We had the elements of the cross by the door, and I did some arranging:

And then, as I was going through my fiber art projects, I made this arrangement:

If you look closely at the fabric art, you'll see a cross underneath. I made this piece while wondering if one could have a piece of artwork with a Christian theme that wouldn't be offensive to non-believers. My boss at the time had these huge pictures of a bleeding Christ, which many found disturbing or inappropriate (when I interviewed for the job, my friend who was already there gave me a heads-up, for which I was grateful, for it would have been hard to concentrate on the interview while wondering about that art).
I like the starkness of the nails with the softness of the fabric and carpet underneath. I don't feel that the photo captures the fiber art as fully as I'd like, but that's O.K.
I've really been enjoying having this art commitment. I'd have let it slide this week if I hadn't made this commitment on this blog. I'm glad that I didn't. My afternoon taking photos was surprisingly fulfilling.

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