Friday, March 26, 2010

Art Project Update

As I recall (and I looked up to be sure), my art project was going to be non-word projects each week. And two weeks ago, I started sliding, as I posted my animated/videopoem. And last week, I posted a poem. And then I was away. I did create an Easter card for missionaries last week, but I'd hardly call it art. My mom and I created a retreat, but I don't think I should count that.

No, I wanted to do more to get back to some of the art forms I've moved away from throughout the years. And in some ways, I have. A week from now will be Good Friday, and since I have an idea in mind, I'll post a picture of the "sculpture" I plan to make out of fabric and beads.

A week from now will be Good Friday. How this Lenten season has zipped by.

For now, here's a poem that I finished in the past week, to get you thinking about Good Friday:

Strange Nourishment

In the shadow of the cross, new sprouts
thrust exuberant blooms out through blackness,
out of the blood soaked
soil. They yearn for light,
where life begins.
They root themselves in tears and nails.
They suck up their strange
nourishment in the shelter
Of God’s grace.

The sprouts understand the mystery
of God’s plan, potential hidden
in the smallness of seeds,
the nourishing qualities of decay and dirt,
an imperial instrument of torture
transformed into salvation.

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