Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting to Know You . . . an Exercise

Today our church council has a retreat. I'm in charge of the getting to know you exercise. I always hate these exercises, but I understand the value of them.

It's interesting to think about this getting to know you process for a church council. Most of us are new council members, but we know each other casually. Some of us have worked on projects together. I don't know that any of us are deeply close, meaning that we know each other's secrets.

So, what to do?

I reached back to the last Create in Me retreat, where we had various tools and mediums that lead to creativity on the wall. We were to choose the art supply/tool/medium that we felt most connected to and went to stand there. We talked about it in our small groups, and then briefly as a larger group.

Of course, with my council group, we may not all have a creative/artistic bent. So, I created several groups. I was going to use only tools (since the church council is itself a sort of tool). But then I created several groups: tools, art tools, and mediums/supplies.

I cut paper into small squares, which I'll put in envelopes and let people draw a slip of paper. They'll have 3 slips in front of them. I'll give them a few minutes to think or write. Then we'll go around in a circle. Each person will tell how they're like one or more of the tools or mediums.

Here are the lists:

tools: hammer, drill, saw, sander, tape measure, screwdriver, vise grips, wrench, corkscrew, chisel, utility knife, voltage tester, pliers

art tools: paintbrush, computer, needle, mixer, musical instrument, pencil, alphabet, chisel, scissors

supplies/mediums: glaze, yarn, clay, yarn, potting soil, bread dough, paint, cloth, metal, paper, seeds, thread

I may keep adding right until time for the retreat. I have an easier time coming up with supplies and mediums than tools. What does that say about me?

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