Saturday, August 4, 2018

In Praise of Church Camps

Now we enter the end of summer, the time when church camps will be having their last week or two of campers. Soon, the dining areas will go back to being empty, just waiting for the next time of fun and fellowship.

Let us take a minute to say a prayer of thanks for church camps, for all the ways they nourish both us and the next generations.

They've offered us challenges that we never thought we could master.

They've taught us many a new craft (below, fun with fiber!).

We've had a chance to explore our performing passions.

Church camps let us make friends of all sorts.

But most important, church camps foster a love of both God and the community of believers that will stay with a camper long into adulthood.

In fact, one of the variables that separates grown ups who go to church regularly from those who don't is an experience at church camp.

And so, today, let us say a prayer of thanks for all those camps. Let us praise the counselors and the camp directors. Let us continue to pray for the campers, and for all of us who must come down from the mountain, back to real life.

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