Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Morning Gratitude

I usually make gratitude lists at the end of the day, but today, let me begin the day with gratitude for items large and small:

--My mom had an a-fib event, but she seems to be OK.  When I was talking to my dad yesterday afternoon, my mom's heart went back into rhythm for the first time since her admission to the hospital Sunday night.  Hurrah for hearts that slip back into rhythm!

--This morning, very early, my brother-in-law and I went out to get bagels.  The guy who waited on us gave me a coupon, which took $4 off the bill.  Hurrah for small kindnesses which result in free cream cheese!

--On Sunday, we had a safe trip to Key West and back, and our driving tour of Broward County yesterday went well.  We were delayed a bit by accidents, but not part of any of them.  Hurrah for cars that stay in the road!

--Last night, as we drove home from a lovely dinner at house of the cousin of my spouse and brother-in-law, I saw flashing blue lights behind me.  I decided not to panic:  I hadn't been speeding, I hadn't run any lights, and I'd had my last glass of wine with dinner hours ago.  The officer asked if I knew that I had a headlight out.  Our darkness is so lit up down here by artificial light that I did not.  He gave me a written warning, and I was on my way.  Hurrah for kind police officers and written warnings that have no fines and carry 48 hours of protection if other officers notice our transgression!

--I have the words of a Psalm in my head, or maybe it's several fragments weaving themselves together.  Praise to you, God of the universe, who keeps our lives in our hands and does not allow our soles to slip.  Hurrah for our God, who loves us, who keeps our soles and souls on right paths, who doesn't allow us to slip!

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