Friday, May 3, 2013

Prayers for a Synod Assembly

I am writing this post in advance, since I'm not sure of the resources I'll have at Synod Assembly.  Friday is likely to be the day where we close in on the choice of a visit.

Notice the language that I'm using.  Whose choice will it be?  I want to believe that the Holy Spirit will be moving amongst us, moving us closer to the person who is right for this time and place.

Of course, the tricky part will be staying open.  How can we be sure that we're not being influenced by other spirits, other motives?

All we can do is pray.  And if you're reading this post, I'd invite you to pray for us all too, at our Florida-Bahamas Synod Assembly in Orlando, not far from a Magic Kingdom of an altogether different sort.

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Wendy said...

Praying for all of you. For wisdom and discernment and an ear to hear the rustlings of the Spirit.