Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pictures for Pentecost

This year at our Create in Me Retreat, we focused on the Holy Spirit, and more specifically, on the fire aspect of the Spirit.  So, here for inspiration as you prepare for Pentecost, some pictures:

Some of us made mosaics on glass blocks.  They look great alone (below) but as with Christianity, they can do so much more as a group (above).

We made banners of torn tissue paper glued with wallpaper paste onto canvas. 

For those of us focusing on the wind aspect of Pentecost, one could do fun things with cut paper shapes made into hangings to capture the breeze.

Our Lenten journey soon ends for another year.  We begin with desert, ash, and sand and end with the blazing fire of Pentecost.


Rachel Woodall said...

These were so cool. How do you make the construction paper thingys?

Kristin said...

I've written to my friend, who does a lot with paper cutting, to get her instructions. They may come too late for Pentecost this year, but I'll post instructions eventually!

Kristin said...

Here's what my friend sasy, "Yes, these can be made with a Martha Stewart item at Michael’s craft stores. I don’t know what to call it, but it is a large triangular shaped “template” for lack of a better word. Any staff at a Michael’s should be able to help find this item….or just direct him/her to where the Martha Stewart paper punches are displayed. It should be on display there too."