Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Snippets

--I continue to think about Nathan Englander.  I've finally read the first short story in What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank, the short story with the same title.  Wow.  What a surprise ending.

--I wrote more about yesterday's conversations that this short story engendered in this blog post.

--This part of that blog post will likely haunt me for months:

--I posed the question this way, "Let's say the government decides to exterminate Lutherans. Would you hide me?" Posed that way, the question is almost humorous, especially since Lutherans are probably one of the least dangerous religious groups in the U.S. We tried to remind each other that even though the government has yet to set its sights on Lutherans, other groups, like immigrants both legal and illegal, are often not so lucky.

--I am aware of the school of theology that says if we were living truly Christian lives, we would be on a direct collision course with our government. To say that Lutherans are the least dangerous Christian group probably means we should be stepping up our efforts as Christians.

--Today is the day I create the prayer chapel, if all goes well.  Here are some elements I will use:

--Could my spouse and I fashion a career out of creating sacred spaces for others? 

--Or could we create a career making fountains?  Making the elements for the prayer chapel reminded me of when we made the fountain together last summer:

--So many possibilities for the future!  So much creative fun!

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