Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lent Intrudes

It's interesting to think about the first day of Spring, when we're deep into Lent.  If you want a more traditional Spring photo essay, see the post I wrote today on my creativity blog.

It's also strange to think about Spring, when so many people haven't really had a winter.  Down here on the southernmost coasts of the Florida mainland, we rarely have cold weather, but I still find my heart soaring when we get to the days when the light lingers longer.  I walk outside, and I think, what soft morning air; what a beautiful morning.

I haven't felt the presence of Lent theologically in ways that I have in earlier years when I've been doing more with Wednesday night services.  In other years, I've adopted a more rigorous Lenten discipline.  In other years, I haven't been travelling as much. 

But Lent intrudes in other ways.  At work, on March 7, we received word of lay offs.  Before Easter comes, we will be saying goodbye to friends and colleagues.  Lenten images of tombs and ashes have a different significance this year.

I should let these days of increasing light remind me of the Easter promise.  What feels like death can really lead us to new life.  Let it be so.  Let us live into our resurrection lives.

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