Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeing the Spiritual at a Quilt Show

At the recent Quilt Show by the Sea (March 16-18), I was struck by how many quilts had a religious theme (although to be fair, some were subtle).  Some were outrightly religious, like this quilt that looked like a stained glass window that you might see in any church:

Here's a close up:

I noticed fish of all kinds:

A detail from the above quilt:

More abstract fish below:

Of course, not all imagery was Christian.  My friend and I were struck by the mandala quilt.  She said she's always thought mandelas would make a great quilt--she was right.

A detail from the mandala quilt; much of it looks painted, but all of it is done in cloth.

I've always thought that labyrinths would make a great quilt pattern, but so far, I haven't been up to the challenge of making one.  I haven't found that anyone else has either.  Below, another detail from the mandala quilt:

I love the butterfly below.  Easter will be here soon!

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Anonymous said...

If you google labyrinth quilt pattern or maze quilt pattern a few will appear. (Pardon my lousy english, I'm Norwegian)
Greetings from the very far north of Norway