Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day and Spring

Much of the U.S. enjoys spring-like weather these days. Are you tempted to get out and play in the dirt? If so, you might enjoy this post at Living Lutheran that talks about butterfly gardens and the work that Christians do in the world.

Speaking of Living Lutheran,  my St. Patrick's Day post is up at Living Lutheran!

For more on coracles, including a video of modern people trying to use a coracle, check out Dave Bonta's post. 

I found his post inspiring in all sorts of ways; I wrote this poem, which seems appropriate for St. Patrick's Day week-end.

Coracle of Prayer

As my computer dings
its constant reminders
of meetings and appointments,
I think of those ancient
Celtic monks and their coracles,
their faith in fragile canoes and currents
and a God who will steer
them where they need to go.

Having given over my free will
to Microsoft Office, I allow
the calendar to steer
me. I rely on my e-mails as a rudder,
although I often feel adrift
on this sea of constant communication.

Perhaps it is time to ransom my soul
which has been sold to this empire
of the modern workplace.
I look to the monks
and their rigorous schedule of prayer.
Feeling like a true subversive,
I insert appointments for my spirit
into the calendar. I code
them in a secret language
so my boss won’t know I’m speaking
in a different tongue. I launch
my coracle of prayer
into this unknown ocean,
the shore unseen, my hopes
rising like incense across a chapel.

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