Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prayer Prompts and Possibilities

In yesterday's post, I talked about creating a prayer chapel.  I have a sheet on the table that gives people prayer prompts and possibilities.  Here's what it says:

Prayer Chapel Possibilities

Hopefully by now, you have realized that there’s no one right way to pray. Here are some possible approaches to try.

1. Choose the rock with the word that speaks to you right now. Hold the rock in your hand and hold the word in your mind. Sit quietly for as long as you can. Or
2. Open the prayer book and say one of those prayers. Or
3. Open one of the devotional books and read what you find there. Pray the prayer that’s found there or pray your own prayer. Or
4. Look at the colors of stained glass in the window. Think about what the colors could mean. Say a prayer of thanks for the many ways in which our world is colored. Or
5. Write down your own prayer and put it in the red jar. Say a prayer for everyone who has left a prayer in the jar. Pray for the concerns expressed in this room, in this church.

If you need help knowing what to say when you pray, some prayer prompts are below:

1. Write down what makes you feel grateful. Write your prayers of thanks.
2. God knows your needs, but write them down anyway.
3. Pray for others. Who needs God’s guidance and help?
4. Pray for leaders (at work, at church, in local, state, federal, and world government) who face important decisions.
5. Pray for the planet. Pray for places in nature that need healing. Pray for places that need protection.

Please leave the rocks and prayer/devotion books for others to enjoy and utilize. If you’d like to take away a memento, feel free to take one of the blue or white glassy stones out of the bowl. You should also feel free to make notes to take with you on the paper provided.

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