Thursday, October 12, 2017

Prayer for the Start of a Bishop Electing Synod Assembly

Today the Florida Bahamas Synod begins its Synod Assembly.  It's an important one:  the Assembly will elect a bishop.

I've been to a bishop-electing Assembly before and found it fascinating.  Part of me wishes I could be there.  Part of me is glad to leave the task to others.  The job of being the bishop of our synod seems to be particularly soul sapping, and even though the candidates know this as they accept the nominations, I am glad to leave the discernment to others this year.

Who can lead us?  And why does this Synod seem so hard to lead?

I know a variety of reasons:  it's a big region, with churches spread out across a landscape that has not traditionally been Lutheran.  But other Synods have similar challenges and seem to be more cohesive and healthy--or maybe it just looks that way from a distance.

We could have a long conversation about this way of governing--did Jesus die on a cross for this?  But as of now, it's the structure that we have, and we can see its potential.  A group of believers that bands together for a larger purpose can be much more effective than one local church dealing with issues all by itself.

For the next few days, I will keep the whole Assembly in prayer.  Let me write a prayer, in case you are of the same mind but need some words:

Creator God, we pray for those who gather in central Florida as the Florida Bahamas Synod Assembly.  We pray for their discernment as they go through the process to choose a bishop.  We pray for the wisdom to choose the best leadership.  We pray, too, for those making other decisions that will be made along the way.  Let the Synod Assembly be a foretaste of the feast to come.

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