Monday, October 30, 2017

Confirmation and Reformation

Yesterday we had Confirmation rites along with our Reformation service.  It felt right. 

In the past, we've had Confirmation rites on Pentecost, which also feels right.  I know churches who have the Confirmation service on Mother's Day, which seems like a non-starter to me.  I know the tradition of welcoming confirmands on Easter, which also seems like too much competing for the same service.

We've now been at this church long enough that I have often known at least one confirmand since childhood.  Yesterday, one of the young women getting confirmed used to be the acolyte, and we'd play Hangman during Pastor's sermons--but we had to use words that Pastor used during the sermon.

After the rite of Confirmation, I watched the congregation file up for Communion.  I watched the littlest ones and thought, it will feel like a quick zip of time before we see these toddlers getting confirmed.

I have not been at one church long enough to see Confirmation rites of the children of anyone who has been confirmed during my tenure there.  I can only imagine how odd that would feel.  But it would also feel wonderful--that knowledge that faith formation has flowered.

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