Saturday, October 14, 2017

Continue to Pray for the Synod Assembly

I just heard from my pastor who is at the Florida Bahamas Synod Assembly.  Three candidates remain for Bishop, and the next round of voting begins at 8.

So, let me take a minute to pray.

Creator God, please continue to bless the Florida Bahamas Synod Assembly with wisdom and discernment.  Let those who vote be able to hear the whisper of the Spirit that can lead us to new vistas. 

And since there will be another round of voting later today, let me also continue to pray.  I will add prayers for the candidates who did not win, and for those who saw their candidates not win.  I will pray that we can all gather to support the newly elected bishop, once we know who that person is.

Let us remember that the prayers should not stop today.  Whoever is elected will have lots of work to do, as we all do across the Synod and the nation.

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