Monday, August 18, 2014

Prayers for the First Day of Public School

In Broward county, our public school students begin school today.  I offer the following prayers:

--May the school year be a good one for every student.  May learning be encouraged.  May everyone discover new talents and skills.  At the end of the year, let every student have acquired the needed knowledge to proceed.

--Let every teacher meet each day with a good spirit and a happy heart.  May all of our teachers find fulfillment.

--May the school board find lots of extra money--and may they give the money to teachers and students in ways that enhance education.

--Let us all slow down in school zones.  May the students be kept safe from every danger.

--May we all find our inner and outer student.  We all still have so much to learn.  Let the learning continue for us all.

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