Sunday, August 17, 2014

Backpacks and Cupcakes

Today we will have a Blessing of the Backpacks.  Of course, we're really blessing the students who will be taking their backpacks to school.  Some of them will bring their backpacks.  Some of them will be too shy to come forward.  Some of them have already headed back to college.  We will pray for them all.

At the end of the service we will have cupcakes--we have all been encouraged to bring cupcakes.  I know from his Facebook posts that our pastor is bringing red velvet cupcakes.  Our council president has grown daughters who make cupcakes semi-professionally.  I will bring nothing, since we usually have cupcakes left over.  But I may indulge in a cupcake.

Our public school teachers have already been back in school for a week--I hope it was fruitful for them.  Last week, we prayed for them and blessed them.

I've heard of churches that collect school supplies for the less fortunate and the blessing of the backpacks includes a blessing over those supplies and for those children.  I like that idea too.

When I was a child, we did none of this.  I'm glad we do it now.

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