Friday, May 23, 2014

Prayer and Daily Intimacy

A year ago, we took a major step in our path to buy a new home.  A year ago, we kept our appointment to see the inside of a house that looked good from the outside.  I wrote more about this day a year ago in this blog post.

During every step of the buying a new house process, we prayed.  I prayed intensely--and I felt guided through every step.

I know that skeptics will be able to explain away this feeling of presence.  They will say that I felt guided because my prayers made me more observant and more intentional.  They may be correct.  Perhaps that is how prayer works.

Why can't I keep up this level of prayer with every set of decisions?  Why do I feel it must be a big decision, like a home purchase, that warrants my asking God for help?

I do believe in a God that yearns for a daily intimacy with all of us.  I've been taught that a level of daily intimacy requires lots of communication.  I confess that I can find all of that communication exhausting.

I confess that the fear of potential exhaustion sometimes keeps me silent.

So today, let me say a prayer of thanks for guidance past.  Let me say a prayer of apology for all the times I've gone silent.  Let me say a prayer of intention and hope to do better in the future.

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