Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Morning Movement in the Water

One of the things that I REALLY enjoyed while at the Create in Me retreat was the 30 minute Morning Movement session we did before the day got started.  We gathered at 7:30 and did a variety of stretches together.  It was very gentle and left me feeling oddly energized.  I say oddly, because I tend to think that I need to do vigorous activities to feel energized.

This morning I felt sore and worn out from last night's work out.  I yearned for a Morning Movement session.  I noticed the light starting to change.  I thought about the pool in my backyard.  Aha!

I changed into my swimsuit (or bathing costume, as my English friend calls it) and got into the pool.  It wasn't as cold as I expected.  I did laps with my head above the water.  I thought I'd do it for 10 minutes or 20, if I felt good.  As I paddled, I decided to go for 30 minutes, and I did.  Hurrah!

I tried to turn the experience into a more spiritual one.  I gave thanks for the water and for my body which can still move through the water.  I gave thanks for my parents who taught me to swim.  I fished some palm flowers out of the water and gave thanks for the plants.  I watched a squirrel scamper down the fence line and lizards scatter out of the squirrel's way--and I gave thanks for all the animals.

Several times I paused to float on my back and let the water hold me up.  I thought about the ways that God holds us up, ways that won't always seem obvious.

I made the sign of the cross on my forehead as I remembered Martin Luther's advice that we remember our baptism daily as we do our morning washing.  I thought about all the ways that we get  a fresh start, day after day after day.

As the sun started to dapple the water, I thought about the sun salutations in yoga.  I much prefer greeting the sun with a morning dip in the pool--my head can stay above my heart, so it's less dizzying.  Sun salutations can strain my joints; I didn't have that problem in the pool.

I hope I can do this more often:  begin and/or end the work day in the pool, giving thanks for creation, remembering my baptism.

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