Monday, May 5, 2014

Post-Church Creativity Hour

Yesterday, I went to the Worship Together service and then I stayed to do this:

That's me there in black, kneeling on the left.  I'm painting yellow flowers and adding highlights to the other colors of flowers.  I had already dabbed paint on the trees to make leaves.  And before that, I cut the tree trunks out of that dark paper.

We had an elementary school aged helper which made it even more fun.  We had some other adults making suggestions and adding highlights.  We'd all been to church together--but what a better post-church experience than the typical coffee hour.

It was good to create together.  It was good to help get the mural ready for the Mother-Daughter banquet--and then, we get to keep it up so that we can use it for Vacation Bible School.  It's supposed to represent the New Jerusalem, for the Mother-Daughter banquet--and then for VBS, we're doing something around weird animals.  Neat that it works for both.

I love these periods of joint creativity at church.  My ideal church would do this every week.  I know that I'm lucky to get to do it on a regular basis.

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