Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Celebrations

Today is May Day.  In many countries, it's also a day to work towards increased rights for workers.

How will you celebrate this May Day?  With flowers, perhaps?

Mepkin Abbey azaleas near the gift shop, November 2009

Or will you remember the dispossessed? 

Will you work for the rights of refugees?  Above you see a sculpture carved out of a giant tree that fell on the Mepkin Abbey grounds.  I see it as the flight to Egypt, a poignant reminder of Jesus' outsider status.  So many workers today are refugees and other sorts of dispossessed populations.  It's a good day to remember God's mandate that we care for them.

It's also a good day to celebrate all of the work we do, the work for pay, the work that feeds our creative spirits, the volunteer work that bolsters the spirits of so many.  How can we honor the work that nourishes?  How can we devote more time to that kind of work?

For more ideas on how to celebrate May Day, see this post on my creativity blog.

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