Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Radio; Home Repair Projects

I've begun turning on my radio a bit earlier on Sunday morning.  I've discovered that our local NPR, overnight program, Sounds of the Caribbean, plays religious music.  Think of your favorite hymns, set to a reggae beat.  There are also some of the more famous religious songs that come to us directly from the islands, like "By the Waters of Babylon."  It's a great way to start a Sunday.

Those of you who know this blog know that I listen to Krista Tippett's show On Being, which airs on my NPR station at 7 a.m.  That, too, is a great way to start a Sunday.

In between, in the last 6 months my NPR station has been airing On the Money, a personal finance show.  I find it moderately interesting, moderately anxiety producing.  It's interesting to have that show sandwiched in between the two other shows which are much more directly spiritual.

I wonder if you could have a show that talks about money in a more spiritual way.  Would there be a wider variety of types of stewardship discussed?  I'm sure that charitable giving would be presented in a different way.  What about housing?

We've been finishing up home repair projects:  the dreaded plumbing project!  It could have been worse; at least we haven't been installing an on-demand hot water heater.  But even a new kitchen sink can have it's frustrations.

My spouse says he relies on the grace of God for plumbing repair success.

Does God care about our home repairs?  I spent much of yesterday praying for plumbing success.  I felt guilty for not spending as much time in prayer for the victims of the super typhoon in the Phillipines.

But if God really does want a personal, daily relationship with us, if God desires that kind of intimacy, then we must believe that God will be with us in the depths of our despair.  Many have written about the despair that comes with illness and death.  But there's lots of despair in home repair, in chores, in all sorts of daily grinds.

And our scripture tells us that God is there.  The Psalms are more majestic in their depiction of despair, that weeping by the waters of Babylon where we can't sing the songs of God in a foreign land.  But an afternoon of plumbing work also leaves me mute with despair.

And God is there, present in our suffering.


Zulema Sennett @ said...
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Monica Ryan said...

It's kinda mind-boggling when plumbing problems arise when you least expect it. They sometimes arise when the damage is severe enough to replace all the pipes. To avoid this, you should schedule regular maintenance and repair with your plumber. Preventive measures are better and hassle-free than replacing the whole system when it breaks down. :)

Monica Ryan @ VillagePlumbing

Gordon Patton said...

It’s been a year, so I assume that home repair project is now over. You’re right that the progress could be pretty dreadful. The next time a part your house has to undergo on a major home repair again, just think of how good and functional it will be when it is all over. Good day!

Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing