Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back to Sunday Morning Worship

This morning, I was trying to remember when I'd last been to church.  It's been almost a month, or maybe slightly over a month, since I've been to Sunday morning worship.

It hasn't been that long since I've actually been to church.  I was there for the pumpkin offload, for the Saturday morning set up for the community yard sale/harvest festival, and for a Council meeting.

It hasn't been that long since I've been to worship.  I went to a late October Thursday night Reformation service, the county-wide celebration with the Bishop.

It hasn't been that long since I've engaged in church activities that have taken time.  I've been working on securing a loan for the church so we can fix the roof.  If you've tried to get any kind of mortgage-like loan lately, you know it requires lots of paperwork.

Still, I need to get back to worshipping.  I need Communion.  I need to remember the reasons why we're a community.

I've been feeling a bit snarly lately, another sure sign I need to get to church.  We've been in a time period of deadlines; my spouse and I have been getting our small cottage at the back of our new property ready for our friend who needs a new place to rent by Nov. 15.  That deadline makes me feel irritable about the other deadlines in my life.  And church brings with it all sorts of deadlines, especially when one is on Council.

Today we have the congregational meeting where we talk about the changes to the church Constitution that  Church Council is recommending.  I'm hoping it will be a quick time of discussion.  I have already spent more time of my life than I want to spend in discussing arcane changes to this document that doesn't feel terribly relevant.  That makes me feel snarly.

And then we discuss the additional money that we want the congregation to approve adding to the loan we're seeking.  We've already gotten their approval for a loan to fix the roof.  Now we need to fix/replace the AC.

Again, I feel snarly.  I'm tired of thinking about building issues.  I'm facing construction decisions at home, with cottage repairs and updates, and construction decisions at church, and lots of construction happening at work, which means upheaval will be coming.

Yes, I need to get to worship.  I need to remember why we do these things.  I need to remember to say thank you to God, who has given us all so many blessings.

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