Friday, November 29, 2013

Remembering Christmas on the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

On this day when many of us will head out to shop, shop, shop, let's take a minute to remember why we're celebrating Christmas, if we're Christians.

It's not about the gifts under the tree, it's about the baby in the manger.

And let's remember the true meaning of that baby in the manger, if we're Christians.  If we stay stuck in the story with the cute baby in the manger, we've lost the important point of the story.

And if we leave Christ on the cross, we've lost the even larger story.

And the empty tomb is not even the end of the story.  We have a mission--and it's not to get the best bargains.  Could we transform our shopping day so that we're doing something to heal the world?  It could be something as simple as adding socks for the homeless to our shopping list.

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