Saturday, September 8, 2012

Symbols from a Sailing Trip

Three weeks ago, we'd be heading to Maryland for our annual sailing trip.  A sailing trip on the Chesapeake Bay:  what a delight for the soul!

It's good to see a different shoreline from South Florida (below, Annapolis):

I like to see a shoreline with no evidence of humans; it's good to remember what God has done:

Of course, a good sunrise is also a potent reminder of what God can do:

Along the way, I saw these Annapolis steeples, which reminded me of both the wonder of God's grace and the wonders of human creation:

I envy the people who own this swing.  I yearn for time to sit and contemplate the Bay:

But the sailboat of life continues through the water, driven by winds I often hardly notice until I'm in a different port, watching the sun rise from a different shore:

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