Monday, September 3, 2012

Believing the Best

Yesterday, I cleaned up after our family service that meets at 10, and then I headed over to the sanctuary, where I caught the last bit of my pastor's sermon.  He was preaching on James 1:  17-27.

He reminded us of how faith is scary/radical/weird in terms of how we treat each other.  He reminded us that Luther taught us to explain everything in the kindest possible way; even when the actions of our co-workers and neighbors makes us shake our head, we are required to put a positive spin on those actions.  Luther's teaching undergirds James (or does James undergird Luther?).

Of course, it would be better to avoid talking about others at all, but so far, I'm not as good at that.  So, since my workplace seems predisposed to gossip and speculation, I try to be the one who sees the possible positive when all around me, everyone is seeing negative.

But honestly, I don't believe that our various officials are on a destructive path.  I don't think anyone becomes an administrator at a school just to ruin that school.  I don't believe that political officials will destroy parts of America so that they can get elected.  I don't think that people want to get elected or rise in rank just so that they can enrich themselves.  I truly think that even when people's views differ from mine, that they're not lying to get elected or to keep the population placid.

Let me hasten to confess that my skewing positive doesn't affect anyone else.  I'm amazed at how dedicated people are to believing the worst.

Christians are countercultural in all kinds of ways.  Imagine how the world would change if we looked for the best in each other, instead of assuming the worst.

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