Saturday, September 29, 2012

Internet Snow Day

This may be a quiet week-end, in terms of Internet based reading and writing. I returned home on Thursday night to discover that our phones are out. When our phones are out, the Internet is out. Perhaps this is a sign that we need to upgrade.

We don't have dial-up, but we do have an Internet connection that depends on the phone. And the technician may get there today or tomorrow, but it may be as late as Monday. Sigh.

Oh to live in a land of fiber optic cables. We had that kind of access once, in grad school, in the early days of Internet connectivity. It was lightning fast. I told myself not to get used to it.

I tell myself that there are worse things. I'm not a big talk on the phone person anyway. But I do love to spend time reading on the Internet. I do love the immediacy of blogging.

It has been interesting to return to journaling on private pieces of paper that I can be relatively sure that no one will read. I'll keep doing that.

And I do love a big stack of library books. I shall pop by the library and stock up.

It's kind of like a snow day, only with electricity!

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