Monday, September 24, 2012

Inscribing the Names

My 6 year old nephew started CCD classes this year.  His first night was tough.  He cried and cried.  His parents weren't allowed to be in the room with him.  He cried some more.

I've heard him crying.  It rips me up.  But to be fair, the sound of almost anyone crying rips me up.

I'm my nephew's godmother (or, as to be more accurate, his Christian Monitor, since I'm not Catholic, and he is), so I really want this CCD experience to go well.  I took an oath at his baptism!  For days, I spent time thinking about what I could do, from this distance of 1000 miles, to ease this transition.

I thought about some kind of talisman, something he could carry with him, something that he could touch that would give him courage.  I wanted it to be ready for the 2nd night of CCD class, so my options were limited.  I had to create something that could be finished fairly quickly.

Here's what I created:

I chose a butterfly shape and cut out 4 layers of colored paper.  I wrote the names of people who love my nephew on the butterfly.  In the center:  God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.  I left room for him to write some names.

I wrote a card to explain the butterfly and to suggest that he write some more names.  I told him that the butterfly could remind him of how many people love him.  I said that I hoped it would help him be brave for CCD class, because he could meet a lot more people who will love him in CCD class.  I told him that I understood how he was feeling, that going to new classes and meeting new people can be tough.

My sister reports that my nephew took the butterfly with him and that the 2nd night of CCD went smoothly--no tears!  Of course, he also had a new friend, so that helped.  I'm just happy that his second night was so much better regardless of who gets the credit.

What I like about this art project:  it's easy!  And colored paper is so cheap.  It's a project that could be easily adapted for any number of classes or purposes.  It could be decorated elaborately or not at all.

I like the idea from Isaiah 49: 16, of our names being inscribed on the palms of God's hands.  The idea of inscribed names inspires me in all sorts of ways.

May inscription inspire you too.

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Di said...

Nice. And so clearly not just for children.