Thursday, June 28, 2012

Word Snapshots from Vacation Bible School Day 3

At some point, I'll have a photo essay about Vacation Bible School.  But for now, here are some word snapshots from last night, when we decorated t-shirts with fabric paint.

--On Wednesday, we decorated t-shirts with fabric paint and markers.  I worried that the children might not be inspired.  I needn't have worried.

--One older girl (rising 6th grader) wrote 2 names on her t-shirt.  One was Wolfgang Amadeus.  The other was Phoenix, the name of a modern band.

--Decorating t-shirts with 2 and 3 year olds gives me insight to Jackson Pollack's creative process:  drip, dribble, squirt!  Great fun.

--Both boys and girls like paint with glitter.

--The kind of stamps that work with paper and ink also work with fabric and paint.  And they're easy for the smallest of hands to operate.  And even if the stamps don't get completely covered with paint, and thus leave only a partial image, it's still a cool look.

--Kids of all ages and genders seemed to love to make dots of all sizes.

--Sure we could have done iron ons or other less creative approaches to having VBS t-shirts.  We could have insisted on uniformity and conformity.  We could have avoided the mess and stress that comes with permanent paint and clothing.  But we wouldn't have had as much fun, and we probably wouldn't have sparked much creativity.

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