Sunday, June 17, 2012

Seedlings and Sprouts

You may remember the post that I wrote about trying to sprout mustard seeds in time for today's children.  They have sprouted--hurrah!

Today is Father's Day, a great day for thinking about sprouts and seedlings and all the ways we can support sturdy growth.  It's a great day for thinking about what's helping us to grow into the plants we want to become and what's holding us back.

Where do our lives need more fertilizer?  Where do we need more sun?  Are we getting enough water?

It's also good to return to that parable of the mustard seed and remind ourselves that we have yet to realize our full potential.  For most of us, there is still time.

But for all of us, we don't have endless amounts of time, at least not in our current physical incarnations.

It's also a good day to think about future generations.  How can we nurture them?  We're not all called to be fathers, but Father's Day is a good day for us to think about how we can be shepherds nonetheless.

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