Monday, June 4, 2012

Isaiah for Holy Trinity Sunday

Yesterday our pastor preached on Isaiah 6: 1-8, which may be the first time I've heard Isaiah preached on Holy Trinity Sunday.  But it worked.

Our pastor talked about institutional churches which mainly do what they do for the sake of the members.  He reminded us that this kind of thinking is a danger for all churches.

But we must resist.  After all, at the beginning, Christianity was an evangelical movement.  People were consecrated in baptism not to stay in their churches and care for members, but to go out and spread the good word.

In fact, our pastor reminded us that evangelists, the ones who went out, had higher status than preachers.

I'm not sure what time period he referenced, but it's good to be reminded that Christianity began as a movement led by lay people.  We see too many churches where members are content to let the pastor do everything--after all, they'll say, "That's what we pay him for."

Our pastor encouraged us to go out and chat about the Gospel.  And then, because he began life as an English major, he created a slogan that has a lovely alliteration:  Go gossip the Gospel.

May our lips be purified for this purpose!

Yes, an unusual Holy Trinity Sunday--but much better than arguing about Trinitarian theories and bringing up Trinitarian controversies that have split the church in the past.

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