Friday, March 23, 2018

Preparing for Pentecost

On Sunday, we had a worship planning session at the parsonage.  At our more interactive service, we've been exploring the poetry of Mary Oliver for Lent, which I've loved.  But we agreed that it's time for something a bit more hands-on, as we make our journey from Easter to Pentecost.  I volunteered to lead us, as I have lots of Pentecost craft ideas.

I have a vision of making something each week which we'll add to the sanctuary to announce that Pentecost is coming.  I feel fortunate to have a wealth of ideas from Create in Me retreats. 

We'll start with something simple.  We'll make banners with tissue paper glued to banners:

We'll make stained glass windows of sorts, with wax paper and crayons.

This mosaic on glass blocks will be our most complicated project. 

I'd like to have these to put on the altar to reflect the candles in interesting ways.

I'm glad that I've kept records through the years.  I wish that I had done a bit better at keeping process notes.  I plan to make more detailed process notes this year as my church does these projects, which I'll post here.

And before I start the project, I get to go to another Create in Me retreat.  If I have questions, people there will be able to help.

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