Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fish Skeleton Palm Fronds and a Return to the Multiseasonal Desk

I have decided to embrace my unusual Lenten discipline:  creating multiseasonal pictures on my desk, porch, and other places.  I was on the lookout for opportunities while in Tampa, but found none.

I did see this palm frond on the edge of a dock.  At first, it looked like a fish skeleton to me.

I do think there's a Lenten vibe in these pictures.  Here's the longer view:

Yesterday I bought some small pots of flowers for our Thursday Spring into Health Meet and Greet Open House.  Before I put them on desks around campus, I couldn't resist playing a bit.

I bought shamrocks, tulips (yet to bloom), and daffodils. 

My little pumpkin is still holding on. 

But let's not forget the fun we can have with a late-blooming poinsettia.

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