Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Post Ascension: The Times When We Wait

We hear a lot about those early believers who changed the world by going out two by two.  In this way, the Christian church was birthed.

We members of the institutional church are told to go out to our communities, to find our mission field.  We should not wait for them to come to us.

I think of the monastic communities who do not fling themselves upon the world.  And some decades the world does come to them.

Let us study the smaller stories in the New Testament--the times between the big times.

The disciples have been told that they will be clothed with power from on high.  But they don't wear those clothes yet.

So if we're in a time of waiting--or if we're in a time of contraction--let us take heart.  Other disciples have had similar experiences. 

Let us trust the One who has the larger vision, the One who has the longer view.

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