Thursday, May 4, 2017

National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer, a day I've always found a bit puzzling--and more so this year, when we have a president who has the least amount of religious training of any president we've ever had.

In past years, I've heard all kinds of huffing and puffing about separation of church and state and the like.  I don't think we need to worry about that this year.  I'm not seeing any religious elements seeping into this White House.

But I realize the National Day of Prayer not about the president, exactly.  I still can't quite figure out why we have it.

I could argue that every day should be a day of prayer--for the nation, for our regions, for our communities.  We don't need to dedicate a day to that--we need to believe that religious communities are doing this already.

Of course, some of us may need to actually start praying.

I'm also surprised, although I shouldn't be by now, at the costs involved with a National Day of Prayer.  There's merchandise we can buy.  Many events have an admission fee.


My church will let you come and pray with us for free.  You never need to make a donation.  No merchandise purchase required.  No admission fee.

Of course, we don't even need a church.    We don't need prayer leaders. The Bible is very clear about all these things.

So sure, let us all pray for our nation and our leaders today.  But also let us pray for our nation and our leaders tomorrow--and all the days after that.

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