Friday, September 16, 2016

Poetry Friday "Buddhist Housekeeping"

This has been a week of much breakage, happily none of it serious.  The other night I was putting away dishes, and a wine glass slipped out of my hand into the blender container.  I couldn't have done that if I had tried it. 

The blender container did keep glass from going everywhere.  And the glass blender container did not break.

Sometimes the glass is half full, and other days, it's half empty.  Some weeks, the glass is broken.  I thought about writing a poem, but then I thought, haven't I already written something similar?

Yesterday I went looking through a folder of old poems for it.  It seems like a good poem for a week when gravity seems to be working overtime in our house.

Buddhist Housekeeping

Embrace emptiness.
Pour the water on the floor.
Broken glass, swept shards.

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