Sunday, July 17, 2016

VBS Brief Retrospective with Pictures

A week ago, I was exhausted at the thought of the coming week:  work in the day, Vacation Bible School in the evenings.  And it was exhausting, but it was also good.  Here's a look back, with pictures.

On Monday, we did the project that the kids liked best:

We squirted the colored vinegar into the trays of baking soda to make bubbly colors and structures.  We could have done that all night, if we'd had more baking soda and more time.

On Tuesday, we mixed equal parts glue, water, and borax to make cave goo.  We also added some food color.

On Wednesday, I thought we'd have a calmer project, making bats out of construction paper and toilet paper tubes.  It was hard to keep everyone focused.

And so, I had some trepidation on Thursday, when we were going to experiment with the prayer loom.  But the kids really liked it.

On Friday, we decorated t-shirts with fabric markers.  I was happy to see that some of the kids were capturing what they had learned during the week.

Time is short--time to go to church for VBS worship.  I may blog more about the week later.  The prayer loom deserves a deeper exploration.

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