Saturday, July 23, 2016

Church Training and Political Readiness

I am intrigued by several aspects of Tim Kaine, newly picked to be Hillary Clinton's running mate.  If you're looking for more analysis of the Republican National Convention, see this blog post.  But since this is my theology blog, let me focus on some of the religious aspects of Kaine:

--He took time off from law school to go with Jesuits to Honduras.  That alone would be enough for me--but there's more.

--This NPR story tells us that he helped to run a school in Honduras.  He's got some education experience, presumably in the Jesuit tradition.  Hurrah!

--The same story tells us that he worships at a majority black Catholic church.  In my younger, more radical days, his Catholicism might have been a deal breaker for me--no longer.

--He sings in the choir.  I want to know about his favorite choir experiences.  I want to believe that being part of a musical group is great training to be part of a political team.

I will be interested to see how the Democratic National Convention will proceed next week.  I like that both Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have done social justice work.  I hope the tone of next week's politics will call us to our better selves.  This week's politics out of the Republican National Convention made me want to renew my passport and flee.

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