Monday, July 11, 2016

Be Courageous

I have now been doing sketching and spiritual doodling for several months now.  As I look back over what I've created, I sometimes feel like past Kristin has sent present Kristin a message that she needs right now.

As we continue through these weeks which bring us so much news of violence and tumult, this sketch speaks to me (I created it in late April):

The quote that comes from a PBS show I was watching on the creation of the sculpture on Mt. Rushmore.

I have been reading a lot on social media and regular media, talking to people, watching the news, hearing the news on NPR, and we can all use this message right now.  We've had a week of despair and violence--now is the time to roll up our sleeves and be the transformation of society that we want to see.

I want a leader to rise up and lead us towards a better tomorrow.  I want that as much as the next person.  But in these days, it's good to remember what the ancient prophets tell us:  we are responsible for the transformation of society.  We cannot count on our societal institutions--unless we are part of them, working towards the changes we want to see.

So let us be courageous.  Let us remember the words of John the Baptist:  we are not the Messiah.  But God does count on us.  We are crucial in the work of the redemption of creation.  We may not understand how just yet.  But let us yoke our power to that of the greatest force of transformation.  Let us pray for the vision and then for the courage to move towards that vision.

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