Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Second Experience of Spiritual Journaling During the Sermon

On Sunday, I experimented with sketching while our pastor preached.  Again, it was a good experience.  Here's what I drew:

Our church celebrated Ascension Sunday, so the blue section was going to be Christ above us all.  But I ran out of room for arms and a head.  I decided to keep going to see what I came up with.

I feel like I drew something that looks like an upspring, a surge from an underground well.  It also somewhat reminds me of a parting sea.  And yet, the sea seems to gathering itself to the middle, rather than parting in the middle.

The words in burgundy are from Julian of Norwich, whose feast day was Sunday in the Lutheran and Anglican traditions.  I liked putting Be Well on the one side by itself--it makes the quote less passive--that side is more of a command.

I also drew faces at the bottom.  I wanted them to look upturned, like they were staring gape-mouthed at Christ above.  But I didn't like the way they looked, so I drew over them in purple.  Then I kept sketching the same lines in other colors.  I liked the way they reminded me of sea weed or grasses.

Our pastor's sermon focused on the promise of Jesus, that he's not abandoning us.  Several times our pastor said, "God will not leave us stuck."  So I wrote the word unstuck in several places, along the edge of the blue figure and within it.

I did the same with the word open.  I am trying to stay open on various levels, trying to retain the wisdom gained during my spring retreats.

As with my previous experiment with sketching during the sermon (see this blog post for thoughts on the process and the image), I found that I paid closer attention during the sermon and that the message of the sermon has stayed with me.

I plan to keep doing this--and with Pentecost approaching, I went out yesterday and bought some markers in Pentecost colors:  red, yellow, and orange.

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