Monday, May 16, 2016

Lectio Divina in the Interactive Service

At the Create in Me retreat, I experienced some different forms of lectio divina, which I wrote about in this blog post.  Yesterday, I tried something similar at our more interactive intergenerational service that's a combination of church, Sunday School, and camp.  We hold it in the fellowship hall, so we can easily move from worship space to tables--and we could rearrange the worship space if we wanted.

I put a piece of paper at every seat, along with a few markers in yellow, brown, orange, and red--I also kept the larger container of markers in the center of the table.

I read the Pentecost passage--in fact, more than we usually get.  I read all of Acts 2.  I had people sketch and draw as I read.

We talked about the drawings and the process.  It won't surprise you to learn that people drew flame shapes and that people tried to capture the essence of the Holy Spirit in other ways.

We also had people draw the end of the passage, the shared meals and the baptizing of many.

People did say that they wish I had read the passage again, and I know that in lectio divina, that's traditional.  But I was worried that it was already so long, so I decided not to do that.  People agreed that they paid attention even though they were sketching.

Based on their pictures, I would say that they got the message of the Gospel.

I also went to the later service, where I was one of the readers of Acts 2.  Our pastor began his sermon by saying, "I have one word:  audacious."  So I wrote that at the center of my page and then sketched around and through it.  This was the finished product:

I really wanted to do something different than some of my Pentecost images of the past, like this one:

I'm very happy with my sketch for Pentecost 2016.

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