Friday, May 13, 2016

More Involved Projects for Pentecost

Yesterday's blog post talked about easy projects for Pentecost.  But maybe you're in the mood for something more challenging.  Here are some projects that will take more time, but aren't particularly hard.

Project 1:  Wind Chimes

Pentecost is not only about flame.  It's also about wind, and what a great reason to make wind chimes.  I've made wind chimes out of pottery ornaments made especially for a retreat:

But you can also make them out of old hardware, old keys, old utensils, pieces of wood, anything that the wind can move.  As you make the wind chime from items strung on yarn or string, just remember that they need to hit each other to make sound.  The first time I made a wind chime, I forgot, so mine isn't as melodious. 

For more instructions, see this blog post.

Project 2:  Make a Bouquet of Flames

I came across this picture, which made me think about how many different bouquets of flames that one could create.

This one was made out of a garland of fake autumnal leaves.  You could use paper creations or pieces of cloth and ribbon arranged artfully.  Glue them onto sticks and put all the sticks in a container.

Project Three:  Glass Blocks with Mosaic Flames

Yesterday I pointed out that one can paint on glass blocks.  But this picture shows how beautiful mosaic on a glass block can be:

The one in the picture has a votive candle burning behind it.

Making the mosaics is relatively easy, once you have mosaic blocks and cement to attach them.  For more permanence, you also need grout.  This blog post which talks about making a fountain can give you a sense of how the mosaic process works.

Project 4:  Paper Creations

At one retreat, we did cut paper creations that could be turned into bouquets, bundles, or mobiles:

I've also seen interesting Pentecost creations made out of red, yellow, and orange origami cranes:

found on Pinterest site; not sure who should get credit

Of course, you wouldn't have to use cranes.  You could create flame shapes out of paper.  Streamers of ribbons would be beautiful too.

How one attaches them to a tall ceiling is one I have yet to solve.

I wish us all a wonderful Pentecost week-end, full of creative visions and the cleansing breath of the Holy Spirit.

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