Thursday, October 16, 2014

Monday Report: Two Great NPR Stories

Monday was a day for interesting programming on NPR, programming which has much to say to religious folks.

There was this brief story on the millennial generation and how they give money to charity.  It may or may not surprise you to realize that this generation is distrustful of all sorts of charitable institutions.  This generation needs to feel invested.  And then, the story analyzes new technological platforms and how charities might utilize Facebook and other platforms which might be less familiar to the rest of us.

The highpoint of Monday was this discussion on Diane Rehm's show about the future of the Catholic church.  She assembled a great panel of guests, people who are quite knowledgeable about the Catholic church, some of whom are practicing Catholics.  It was a great discussion about both the future of the church, about religion, and about Catholicism more particularly.

In a time of such bad news, it was wonderful to have the good news contained in these stories.  In a time of quick clips, it was wonderful to have depth and insight.  In a time where religion and religious values are often ridiculed, it was wonderful to see them taken seriously.

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