Monday, October 27, 2014

Duck Blinds and the Reminder to Stay Alert

At Mepkin Abbey, I noticed this structure in a tree.

The tree looks out over cotton fields that lie between the gift shop and the African-American cemetery.  Some years, there's an old chair up there.

When I first saw it, I thought perhaps it was a dilapidated tree house.  Now I'm thinking it's probably a duck blind or some other hunting structure.

Of course, it's at an Abbey.  I think of Merton and the small hermitage that he built.  I try to imagine the monks climbing the tree to have some alone time.  I don't think I'm looking at a hermitage.

The abbey grounds are full of surprises, bird houses and repurposed shacks.  But you have to be looking and paying attention.  It's one of the lessons of Mepkin Abbey that I try to remember. 

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