Monday, June 2, 2014

Yeast and Pentecost

I am leading our Worship Together service for the two weeks of Pentecost (yesterday and Pentecost).  Worship Together is designed to be a more interactive service, a service which often includes skits, art projects, signing, and other types of activities to teach the faith.

For our art project, we'll be making wind chimes with elements to remind us of the triune God.  I'll post more on this project next week.  Yesterday, we talked about some of the elements:  washers, nails, clips.  I also added other elements:  sunglasses, a camera, a pen.  We talked about these elements as metaphor:  how do these elements remind us of God?

We had a great conversation, and then I brought out the yeast and the bowl of sugared water.  I poured the yeast in my hand, and we talked about how yeast is like a community of believers.  Then I put it in the bowl, and we left it alone for the rest of the service.

Unfortunately, I had too much water and not enough sugar.  But we were able to add more sugar and warm water and by the end of the service:  voila!  We had foaming.

Next week, I'll do the presentation again, as we remember the Pentecost story.  We'll talk about how a small community of believers can transform the world, just like yeast transforms water and flour into an amazing loaf of bread.

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