Friday, June 13, 2014

Full Moons and Lighted Windows

Last night, we had a lovely dinner on our front porch.  We've been working to convert the front porch into a delightful alternative living space:

Later I returned to the front porch thinking I would simply blow out the citronella candle.  But then I was captivated by the sight of the full moon and the palm trees.

I stayed outside for awhile, snapping pictures and watching how the clouds moved across the moon.  I experimented with different camera settings.  The shot below is blurry because I used the night setting.  But I still find it compelling:

I thought about this marvelous creation, about a moon that revolves around us, regardless of what's happening on the planet.  I thought about the creator who made it all.  I thought about the larger cosmos and how it points to God.

I thought about how I love the look of lighted windows at night. 

When I was younger, it made me feel shut out.  At midlife, it makes me feel tender towards humanity--just as the full moon makes me feel that way about the larger creation and God.

I believe that God feels the same tenderness towards humanity--and all of creation.

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