Monday, June 9, 2014

First Report on 2014 Pentecost Art Project

I'm happy to report that my wind chime art project at our interactive service went well.  I had spent lots of time thinking about what I wanted to do:  streamer sticks?  a banner?  I finally decided on wind chimes as something we hadn't done before.

On Saturday, I was beginning to think I'd miscalculated.  My spouse decided that of all the trees in the yard, only the gumbo limbo wood would do for the sticks at the top.  I had thought about ribbons or strips of cloth in flame colors, but he wanted to experiment with fishing line--fishing line does make a chime that moves more.  I had bought some hardware, nails and washers, but my spouse cleaned out his tool boxes.

Our quest for gumbo limbo wood led us to saw down a long branch that stretched across our neighbor's roof.  We'd needed to cut it down for a long time.  And then there was the question of how many people would be there.  How many sticks would we need?

In the end, we had plenty of supplies and people seemed to really enjoy the process.  One family, a mom and 2 smaller children, made it a family project.  Some worked alone.  Here and there, we helped each other.  We ended up with a wide variety of wind chimes.  I know at least one tired child came to the service even though she was given the option of staying home because she was so looking forward to the project.

So, when we're wondering how to get kids to want to come to church, maybe it's the art projects!  Of course, I am biased.

I'll post pictures soon. 

Will people hang their wind chimes in their yards and think of the Holy Spirit every time they hear them?  I hope so.  But even if they don't, we had a wonderful time creating them and talking about all the ways that God is like the various parts we used.  I'm calling the project a success, even though it would have been nice to have more time--but it would always be nice to have more time.

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